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Children's Jewelry

Children's Jewelry

It's only natural that mothers enjoy dressing their babies and small children and an extension of that is the wearing of jewelry.  Jewelry will not only look good but especially on small children, will make them feel as special as possible.

Always ensure you understand what jewelry is made of.  Most metals are safe for most babies, but some can have an allergic reaction to, for example, nickel and lead.  Good retailers will happily reveal the materials used in their jewelry. 

Rounded edges are important and if choosing beads, then they must be threaded on a strong material, to ensure they don't break easily.  Just the same, all care must be taken just in case.  Necklaces and chains around the neck are not a good idea unless baby is supervised, until they are a little older because they are prone to "grab and pull" and can put a broken bead in their mouths and swallow. 

Bracelets and anklets are a safer idea as are earrings.  Earrings are worn by babies and children without fuss because they are unaware they are even there!

Little girls enjoy wearing their jewelry, and if it's kept for special occasions, even more so.  These precious items can be put away when they are outgrown and stored as keepsakes until they themselves have children, when they will appreciate them all over again. Even more so!

Baby Jewelry and Safety - the serious stuff: Since some items have small components, they can present a choking hazard if broken. Please supervise babies wearing jewelry and never give them jewelry items to play with. Also, please remove braclets and anklets before putting baby to bed. Care should always be taken with babies wearing jewelry. Precious metals tend to be soft so care should be taken to ensure your baby or toddler doesn't break her bracelet and put a piece in her mouth.