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Blue crystal duck earrings


Baby earrings and Children's earrings make up a feast of colour and sparkle at Baby Jewels.  The variety of designs continues to be amazing and, as more and more children have their ears pierced, the more popular kids' earrings are becoming.  We continue to provide what must surely be "the perfect earrings" for every taste, budget, age and quirkiness!  

Screw back earrings are awesome for babies, and can be worn for many years.  Ditto children's screw back earrings, as they defy the fiddly fingers of first time earrings wearers.  Once Mom puts them on, screws them on tightly, they are there until Mom decides to remove them!

"Push on back" kids' earrings remain popular.  They are low-cost and the variety is immense.  Added to our range in recent times are the surgical steel kids' earrings for those who are intolerant even to sterling silver and gold.  They are affordable and super-cute and can be worn comfortably by all skin types.

Kids love their earrings, especially as they get older which is why our range includes earrings for babies, children of all ages, and teenagers.  Even Moms!  


Posted in Baby & Children's Earrings By Jennifer Gregory

Car Thief Steals Baby Earrings

Jun 25, 2012 7:10:15 PM

Was sent a story today which any mother would find shocking.  A car thief stole an SUV with a baby still strapped inside.  When the vehicle was discovered that day, the child was still there, but her baby earrings had been taken from her ears.

The baby was uninjured and had an emotional reunion with her mother, who was shocked to find her that her daughter's baby earrings had been stolen.  

What can we make of this?

The thief was very "taken" by the baby jewelry?

The thief has a baby daughter and stole the earrings for his/her own child?

I suspect the latter.  Who in the world can resist baby jewelry, when one has a baby girl of ones own?!  Not even a car thief.

Posted in Baby Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

New Kids' Jewelry Coming

Apr 14, 2012 11:22:45 AM

For two years we've been looking for some nice screwback children's earrings.  We've found screwbacks but haven't liked the look of the ones we've found.  We were looking for really pretty earrings, something special.  We've finally found some and am currently organising my first shipment.  Within the month, they should be here.

We'll start a new children's screwback earrings category so they don't get lost in the over 100 other styles of earrings we currently have.

We're also stocking up on more gold jewelry.  Customers use our Contact Tab on the site quite regularly, asking for what they're looking for and we've found a resurgence in customers looking for gold.  Mainly baby bracelets and kids' earrings but also baby earrings.

So there's more gold children's jewelry on the way.  

If there's anything you'd particularly like to see on the site, please let us know.

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Baby Jewelry Gifts for New Babies

Apr 12, 2012 6:39:34 AM

I am often asked what is the best jewelry gift for a newborn baby.  I think it depends on whether it's desired that the gift become a sort of family heirloom, to be passed on to the next generation, or whether it's just something cute for the new baby to wear and be photographed in.  Buy a traditional style and it will never go out of date, so that future babies and future generations can wear it, because it is dateless.

The safest baby jewelry gift is the baby bangle.  I'm talking about a solid one, without hinges and safety chains, without added charms.  These can be worn without concern for her safety because there is nothing to be broken off, and even in the unlikely circumstances that she was able to remove it, she couldn't swallow it.  So a bangle is always my first pick for a baby gift especially because supervision is not required when they are worn.

Baby bracelets are beautiful, and always look so delicate and pretty on a chubby wrist.  Ensure the bracelet fits though, or it will become hooked on things and pull off and could be lost.  Baby ID bracelets or charm bracelets are a great choice, especially those with an extension for growth, and you can give her a charm for her first birthday gift or for Christmas.  If you want this to be dateless, choose a traditional style and it will never go out of fashion and will therefore be perfect as a family keepsake. Babies wearing bracelets should not be put down to sleep wearing them, so ensure they are easy to get on and off. Supervision is required for a baby wearing a bracelet.

Mothers are more frequently getting their babies' ears pierced these days so sterling silver or gold baby earrings are a great idea.  Once the healing has taken place, earrings are quite safe because she won't even know they're there, and therefore, won't pluck at them.  Firmly fitted backs or screwbacks are a must for babies, so that, if she does happen to find them, she cannot get them off.

Baby brooches are very cute and are making a return in popularity, in modern day styling.  When baby is very small these look great in their baby portraits and are safe because they can safely be attached to her clothing (and easily removed by an adult) and she will be unable to pull them off.  Baby brooches were once kept for future babies and generations because they were often made of gold and often had precious gems (garnet for example) inserted and the engraving on them was generic.  "Baby" for example.  

Baby anklets are a more modern but very cute item of baby jewelry.  Like bracelets, baby, after a certain age, might start tugging at them, so make sure they are worn with supervision at all times, especially those with charms attached.

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Baby and children's jewelry is the perfect gift for a great many occasions in a child's life, from the Baby Shower through to their 16th birthdays.  For example:

Baby Shower - baby brooch, or if gender is known, baby bracelet or bangle.

Newborn Gift - Baby Bangle, baby earrings, baby necklace, especially to be worn in family photos and baby portraits.

First Christmas Gift - Any of the above, plus a baby charm bracelet with extension for growth and, perhaps, her first baby charm.  Charms are a great birthday gift or Christmas gift every year, to complete her charm bracelet.

Christening or Baptism Gift - pearl baby bracelet, pearl baby earrings, pearl necklace.  Pearls denote innocence.  Any sterling silver or gold baby bracelet, or baby necklace with a cross.  Any cross charm.  

First Birthday - This first birthday is special, ears may be pierced and they are putting things in their mouths less and less by this stage, so any of the above, plus her first baby ID bracelet, suitably engraved for the occasion.

Any birthday to come - As above plus children's earrings.

Any Christmas to come - As above.

Starting School - As above.

Rewards for doing especially well at School - charms for her children's charm bracelet and as above.  Or, a children's watch.

Confirmation - Any Cross, as a charm on her charm bracelet, or as a pendant on a sterling silver or gold chain necklace.

First school dance - A children's necklace or children's earrings or bracelet or bangle.

Buy quality and these baby jewelry items become family keepsakes and can be given to younger siblings when they are outgrown or even the next generation of babies!

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Baby bracelets and other children's jewelry are often seen as so precious they should only be worn on very special occasions such as a family wedding, Christening etc.  If this happens, the jewelry spends a great deal of time stored away.

More and more, manufacturers of kids' jewelry are coating or plating their sterling silver, in either platinum or perhaps a product which has various names, most commonly, Evershine.  This hardens the surface and helps to prevent knocks and scratches which, gradually dull shine on that precious baby bangle.  Scratching is the primary reason for dulling of the shine.  These products also prevent tarnishing.  Therefore, any item of baby or children's sterling silver jewelry, that has either of these coatings, is very good value.

The best way to prevent tarnishing is to wear the item.  Most baby bracelets, baby earrings or necklaces can be worn casually as well as for special family events so placing her bracelet on each day and having her wear it, will best ensure that tarnishing is avoided.  The next best way is when you're storing the item, place it first into a plastic bag.  

But if your item does tarnish, pay a visit to your local jewelry store and purchase a cleaning cloth and give it a good clean.  Or, they may well clean your piece of jewelry for you, for a small fee, or as a gesture of goodwill, for free!

Posted in Jewelry Care By Jennifer Gregory

Earrings for Little People

Feb 9, 2012 12:41:50 PM

One of my favourite parts of this job is the search for new baby and children's jewelry and my special love is kids' earrings, especially baby earrings.  This is because designers seem to reserve their best talents for earrings and the styles are just so divine, I can't resist them!  We already have over 100 designs on the site so I really need to restrain myself.

But once the Christmas rush was over, I did need to restock, and in the hours I've spent perusing wholesaler's sites, I've found some absolute stunners!  So, once again, baby and children's earrings are rolling in, a few every day, almost!

If you're in the market for baby or children's earrings, do check out the Earrings Category soon.  You will be so glad you did!  While you're there, don't forget to visit our baby and children's bracelets and bangles category for all the new styles there as well!

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

I've found it a good idea to check out the websites of our baby and children's jewelry opposition, to ensure we have a better range, competitive pricing and a great range to choose from.  

Whilst on these sites, I often notice that baby bracelets are often described as 6 inches long.  Six inches is too big for a baby bracelet, and could fit a child over 5 up to the teenage years.  When you buy a baby bracelet, you don't want her mother putting it in a cupboard for many years.  An older child may also find a baby bracelet is too "babyish" by the time it actually fits.  Best to measure her wrist if you can, or buy only 5 inch expanding baby bangles and bracelets.

Baby and children's necklaces too are readily advertised as 16 or 18 inches.  This size would reach a baby or small child's navel!  We sell baby necklaces at 12 inches, 13 inches and 14 inches, depending on the child's age and size.  We have 16 inch necklaces for older girls and 18" is for adults.  

For best value, buy jewelry that is expandable or adjustable in size.  This ensures the gift will be worn for many years.  Bracelets can have 2 or more clasping points along the length, and bangles are often expandable.  Therefore the baby christening bangle you bought for a 3 month old, will expand to fit her just as neatly at age 3 or 4.  

Baby earrings or children's earrings are a safe bet when you are unable to measure her wrist.  If she has pierced ears, you can buy earrings that will fit petitely on her baby earlobes that will fit her the rest of her life.  Conversely, adult earrings will have rods too long for a baby.  But buying her earrings when she's a baby is great value because ear lobes don't grow much at all, and her baby earrings will fit her all through her childhood.

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Baby Jewelry Gifts

Jan 13, 2012 6:42:59 PM

Have you noticed that most babies these days own some pieces of baby jewelry?  Almost all babies these days, seem to have at least one baby bracelet or bangle, perhaps a charm bracelet strung with baby charms, or, if they have their ears pierced, as is increasingly the case, starting their own collection of baby earrings!

Not too long ago, perhaps a generation ago, we rarely saw babies wearing jewellery.  The very fortunate babies might have been given some special item such as an exquisitely engraved baby bangle or ID bracelet as a Christening gift, but most babies did not own a piece of jewelry.

We all want our gifts to the newborn to be something special.  We want to show how welcome the new baby is, how thrilled we are about her arrival and we want to give something that will receive a lot of use, and not just worn for a few weeks until outgrown, or worn out, or stained, or scuffed, and then thrown out.  Yes, we are a throw-away society - especially when it comes to babies.  These days, babies seem to come into this world with new cot, new bedding, new clothing, new toys, whereas not so long ago, things were kept and passed on, either within the family or to neighbours, friends or friends of friends.

The great thing about a piece of baby jewellery is, we can be pretty sure that, even when it's outgrown, it will not be thrown out.  It will be kept for the baby for when she's grown up, perhaps for her own children, or passed down to her siblings as they arrive.  

The family portraits will record your gift so it will never be forgotten.  

Your little jewelry gift will be worn for longer than a jumpsuit, last longer than a little toy, won't become so unwashable that it is put in the rubbish, and won't date like her first dress or pair of shoes.  

And when it is outgrown, it's likely to be placed in safe storage, in wait for when the baby has grown up and given back in time to celebrate the arrival of her own baby.  

Which makes the purchase of that little baby jewelry gift, an excellent value gift!

Posted in Baby Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

I can't think of a single event more exciting and more welcomed, than the birth of a new baby into the family.  

We all look in anticipation to the arrival for many months, devouring the latest news of baby's growth and her mother's health.  

A pregnancy can be a nerve-wracking time for those close to the Mum-to-be, hoping for a healthy baby who gets the best start in life.

When baby arrives, in our excitement, we all want to show the new mother our love and how thrilled we are at the arrival of her new baby.  So what do we do?  We buy gifts!  Gifts to help the family cope with the new baby's needs, like clothing, baby equipment and toys.

Unfortunately, all these things wear out, are grown out of, date, or become faulty in time.  Which makes the gift of baby jewellery such an excellent idea.  Not only will Baby look divine wearing her little baby bracelet, or her little baby necklace, anklet or brooch, but it will be preserved in her family photos, baby portraits, etc.

Then, when the item has been grown out of, it can be placed into storage, taking up very little space, until the next baby arrives, or even for the next generation!

Some parents frame their baby bracelets, putting them on display, along with her hand/foot prints, and other memorabilia.  This way your gift is never forgotten.  

Posted in Baby Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

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