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Thinking Christmas

Oct 15, 2015 8:41:42 AM

Christmas bells

Bracelets for boysSterling silver pink and white crystal heart childrens necklace


We all have our difficulties to work through each and every year. I'm sure none of us is immune. But the coming of Christmas inevitably brings a happier and more positive feeling.

The coming of the giving season turns our minds to happy events, most especially happy family occasions, and the joy of giving.

Babies and children are always at the forefront of our minds when thinking about gifts and Baby Jewels has been stocking up, growing our ranges of baby bracelets, children's bracelets, baby earrings and children's earrings in particular, in order to provide the perfect gift to suit every need, every taste and all budgets.

New to Baby Jewels this Christmas, are our bracelets for boys. We've always had bracelets that were suitable for both genders but this year we have bracelets just for boys, and already, you are telling us this is something you've been looking for.

In other news, we've acquired a new range of super-hypoallergenic earrings - made from surgical stainless steel, the metal used in human implants. Safety is assured with these beautiful new childrens earrings for those who cannot tolerate sterling silver or gold.

We've added to our range of children's necklaces due to demand. Most have the option of the chain length for that perfect look and fit.

With over 700 items to choose from, shopping for babies, children, teens and mothers has never been more fun!

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Some people find the acids in their skin tarnish their jewelry, other people don't.  But all sterling silver jewelry will tarnish with time and exposure to air.  When she's not wearing her sterling silver children's jewelry, put it into a plastic zip-lock bag (you can purchase very tiny ones to hold one or two items of kids' jewelry, at "dollar stores."  Squeeze the air out before you zip it closed.

This will help prevent tarnishing.  But when her little silver children's earrings, bracelet or chain becomes tarnished, don't rush out and purchase expensive and toxic silver cleaners.  Try this "green" method for cleaning her silver items.

Most people have baking soda in their cupboard.  Line a small bowl with aluminium foil, shiny side up.  Lay her chains, bracelets etc. on the aluminium foil (items must actually be touching the foil.)  Sprinkle approximately one tablespoon of baking soda over the jewelry and pour boiling water over them.  

At first it will bubble  up.  This is harmless and will stop within seconds.  Leave to cool.  

I have read that this method works in one and a half minutes but I tried this on some children's chains and it didn't make much difference.  But I've since tried leaving it overnight and it did make the chains come up nice and shiny.  

I've also read that you shouldn't use this method on marquesite jewelry or some gemstones, or pearls.  so bear this in mind.  

Many people store their baby bracelets once they're outgrown, as keepsakes, in tissue paper in a cardboard box but if they are first put into an airless plastic ziplock bag, they will tarnish much less over the years.  When the time comes to give her, her baby jewelry back when she, in turn, has her first baby, you will be able to make them look brand new again, and she will be thrilled!

Posted in About Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

New Baby Bracelets Have Arrived

Jul 10, 2012 8:40:36 AM

There is something special about giving the gift of baby jewelry.  Baby bracelets, when given at a baby shower, on the birth of the baby, or her Christening or first birthday, are a real expression of love, knowing this baby gift will be kept forever, or passed on down through the new babies in the family.  There's a timelessness about the gift of jewelry.  It's not something anyone would tire of, want to get rid of, or, thanks to family photos, ever forget about!  

Popularly these days, Moms gift back the baby jewelry on the occasion of her 21st, or, upon the birth of her own first baby.

For this reason, we're increasing our range of baby bracelets, which are the most popular form of baby jewelry, with lots of choice for newborns, baby bangles and bracelets, often with extensions for growth, and a range of new Christening bracelets.  

Give the gift of love, thrill her Mom and Dad, give them a family keepsake, the gift of love and memories, this is what giving baby jewelry is all about.  

Posted in Baby Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

For a long time I've been checking suppliers the world over for the most exquisite range of baby bracelets ever.  I wanted them petite and beautiful, I wanted lots of tiny pearls, I wanted soft baby colours.  And I got what I found - in buckets.

Our new range is now uploaded.  I can say this, the photos are lovely, but the bracelets are so much nicer.  When I took them from the box, they almost took my breath away they are so ...well...beautiful (not wanting to overuse the word!)  But beautiful they most definitely are.

We have tiny newborn bracelets, bracelets for older babies and of course Christening bracelets.  They are mostly made of pearls, beautifully matched, very tiny so as not to overwhelm a tiny wrist and they have an extension for growth in order that they can be worn longer, given this is a rapid growth period.  Some have beautiful sterling silver charms.  

We also have some imperfect pearl bracelets which I love, with a simple silver or gold cross or silver heart.  These, in our Affordable range, are every bit as lovely.  Simple and natural.

These new items of baby jewelry bring our collection of baby and children's jewelry to almost 500.  We are becoming a super-store! (And loving it!)

Posted in Baby Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Pearls, pearls and more pearls!

Jun 18, 2012 7:44:25 PM

We all love the little pearl baby bracelets bought as Christening gifts, first birthday gifts and gifts for later birthdays and Christmases.  We see them all the time online when searching the web for baby jewelry, particularly baby bracelets.

We haven't had a lot of pearl jewelry until now.  One tiny baby pearl bracelet, pearl bracelets for older girls, pearl baby necklaces and children's pearl necklaces.  

Pearls in all of their naturally occurring colours look stunning on the perfect complexions of babies and children.  I've been looking for some new pearl children's bracelets, especially those which combine the gleam of pearls with the sparkle of Swarovski crystals and the shine of sterling silver.  A beautiful combination, I think, and hard to beat.  

Well, I have found what I'm looking for and a bunch of new baby jewelry and children's jewelry is on its way. 

I think it'll be approx 10 days before they arrive, and I'm so looking forward to loading their photos onto the site.  If you're looking for a baby Christening gift, Baptism gift, or baby or children's birthday gift, pop in soon and check out the pearl category.

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Baby Necklaces

Jun 13, 2012 7:24:53 PM

I was recently asked the question as to whether baby necklaces are actually safe for babies.  As with most baby jewelry, my answer was "with supervision."

To clarify, if baby is going to be with adults the entire time she's wearing her baby necklace, there is no reason to be concerned.  It's when baby is sleeping, in a separate room to her mother or carer, that problems can happen.   Some babies are surprisingly strong.  If she gets her hand or arm caught in her necklace, she can break it.  Furthermore, if the necklace she breaks, is made up of beads or other items of swallow-able size, those beads can end up in her mouth and she can choke.

Baby necklaces are meant to be worn on special occasions where she has an adult with her at all times, when photographs are being taken and she's looking her best.  For extra safety, ensure the necklace is only 12" - this decreases the likelihood of her catching her arm in it and breaking it.  Her baby jewelry is most especially to be worn for her baby portraits, but when she's put down to sleep, please remove her little necklace and keep it in a safe place (preferably her own little children's jewelry box.)

Baby bracelets, and necklaces in particular are for showing her off at her best and recording her image on camera.  After she has grown out of her necklace, and this goes for all baby jewelry, keep it for her until she's grown up.  She will marvel at how tiny and beautiful the item is, that she wore as a small baby.  

Posted in Baby Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Best Christening Jewelry Gifts

Jun 7, 2012 12:06:33 PM

Baby bracelets have long been a favourite Christening gift and these days, we are not restricted to an item with religious significance.  Crosses are still very popular of course, and these can be purchased on a fine sterling silver or gold chain and are beautiful, or attached as a charm to a baby bracelet.  Crosses can be made of sterling silver, gold or even pearl.  But a cross is no longer a necessary part of a baby Christening gift.  Pearls are probably the most popular style of baby jewelry as a Christening gift, because pearls signify innocence and purity.  Pearl baby bracelets being the most popular, but also tiny pearl baby necklaces, with or without a cross are very special.  

Sterling silver or gold baby jewelry are appropriate and these can be personalised with engraving or the addition of a charm.  Baby bangles are becoming more popular and some of these too, can be engraved or a charm added.

The baby Christening gift can be the start of her early jewelry collection so think about a pretty jewelry box also, as a Christening gift.  Her Mom will thank you for it because her jewelry gifts are far more likely to be kept until adulthood if kept in a jewelry box.  She will treasure it too, as she grows.

Posted in Baby Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

I have enjoyed immensely, my role in running this baby and children's jewelry site.  It has been a sharp learning curve as far as running a webiste is concerned but when I think about this venture, it's the buying I love the most!

Searching continually, the world wide web for the newest styles of baby bracelets, children's earrings etc. is a real joy.  The new designs are always a thrill and I always want to purchase the items I like, for the site.  But the goal is not to double up with similar styles, but offer different choices for different tastes.

Currently, I am placing or have placed, orders for sterling silver baby anklets and anklets for little girls, baby bracelets in sterling silver and, today, new baby bangles.  Arriving hopefully next week, we should have a new range of European style (brand name not to be mentioned) children's starter bracelets in silver and leather.  And gorgeous children's beads (charms) to go with them.  

It's hard not to buy too much, because already I have the feeling there's actually too much choice, in that too much choice is confusing.  (If you find this to be the case, please make use of the comparison button on each page, so you can compare only those items you particularly like.  It will make your choice easier.)

And near the end of the year, I want to get in my long awaited 14K gold screwback children's earrings in time for Christmas.

As always, if there's something you particularly want but can't find on the site, please let me know via the contact box.  I'm happy to go on a world wide hunt to find it!

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

New Kids' Jewelry Coming

Apr 14, 2012 11:22:45 AM

For two years we've been looking for some nice screwback children's earrings.  We've found screwbacks but haven't liked the look of the ones we've found.  We were looking for really pretty earrings, something special.  We've finally found some and am currently organising my first shipment.  Within the month, they should be here.

We'll start a new children's screwback earrings category so they don't get lost in the over 100 other styles of earrings we currently have.

We're also stocking up on more gold jewelry.  Customers use our Contact Tab on the site quite regularly, asking for what they're looking for and we've found a resurgence in customers looking for gold.  Mainly baby bracelets and kids' earrings but also baby earrings.

So there's more gold children's jewelry on the way.  

If there's anything you'd particularly like to see on the site, please let us know.

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Baby Jewelry Gifts for New Babies

Apr 12, 2012 6:39:34 AM

I am often asked what is the best jewelry gift for a newborn baby.  I think it depends on whether it's desired that the gift become a sort of family heirloom, to be passed on to the next generation, or whether it's just something cute for the new baby to wear and be photographed in.  Buy a traditional style and it will never go out of date, so that future babies and future generations can wear it, because it is dateless.

The safest baby jewelry gift is the baby bangle.  I'm talking about a solid one, without hinges and safety chains, without added charms.  These can be worn without concern for her safety because there is nothing to be broken off, and even in the unlikely circumstances that she was able to remove it, she couldn't swallow it.  So a bangle is always my first pick for a baby gift especially because supervision is not required when they are worn.

Baby bracelets are beautiful, and always look so delicate and pretty on a chubby wrist.  Ensure the bracelet fits though, or it will become hooked on things and pull off and could be lost.  Baby ID bracelets or charm bracelets are a great choice, especially those with an extension for growth, and you can give her a charm for her first birthday gift or for Christmas.  If you want this to be dateless, choose a traditional style and it will never go out of fashion and will therefore be perfect as a family keepsake. Babies wearing bracelets should not be put down to sleep wearing them, so ensure they are easy to get on and off. Supervision is required for a baby wearing a bracelet.

Mothers are more frequently getting their babies' ears pierced these days so sterling silver or gold baby earrings are a great idea.  Once the healing has taken place, earrings are quite safe because she won't even know they're there, and therefore, won't pluck at them.  Firmly fitted backs or screwbacks are a must for babies, so that, if she does happen to find them, she cannot get them off.

Baby brooches are very cute and are making a return in popularity, in modern day styling.  When baby is very small these look great in their baby portraits and are safe because they can safely be attached to her clothing (and easily removed by an adult) and she will be unable to pull them off.  Baby brooches were once kept for future babies and generations because they were often made of gold and often had precious gems (garnet for example) inserted and the engraving on them was generic.  "Baby" for example.  

Baby anklets are a more modern but very cute item of baby jewelry.  Like bracelets, baby, after a certain age, might start tugging at them, so make sure they are worn with supervision at all times, especially those with charms attached.

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

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