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Have you ever purchased birthstone jewelry for your children?  I have the opportunity to purchase baby and children's bracelets and children's necklaces with birthstones, as well as children's earrings with a little dangly birthstone.  

I've written here before about birthstones.  The American Gem Society says:  "Traditionally, a birthstone is associated with each month of the year. For example, the birthstone for January is a garnet, while lucky babies born in April get a diamond as their birthstone.  There are numerous legends and myths about birthstone healing powers and their therapeutic influence. According to these legends, wearing a gemstone during its assigned month heightened its healing powers. For the full effect, individuals needed to own all twelve and alternate them monthly."  

Here are the birthstones for each month of the year:

January - Garnet

February - Amethyst

March - Aquamarine

April - diamond

May - Emerald

June - Pearl, Alexandrite

July - Ruby

August - Peridot

September - Sapphire

October - Tourmaline, Opal

November - Topaz, Citrine

December - Tanzanite, Zircon, Turquoise

Let me know by replying here or the Contact Us notebox if you are interested in this traditional style of baby and children's jewelry.  If there's enough interest, I'll certainly get some for the site.

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

As a grandmother, I know why I chose baby jewelry when each of my granddaughters were born but I have carried out a little survey, asking buyers what their motivation was, when they bought that little baby bracelet, baby charm or little girl's necklace etc.

I found that, besides having a love of purchasing nice things for their grandchildren, they chose baby jewelry or children's jewelry because they couldn't afford it for their own children.

Which is the exact same reason as mine!   I have always admired a delicate little bracelet on a chubby wrist and the lucky little girls who wear children's earrings, children's necklaces, little silver charm bracelets etc.  Babies and little girls look divine in a simple piece of jewelry.  Boys too, are now wearing boys' bracelets and they look great too!  But when I was a young mother, children's jewelry was an expense that wasn't affordable.  In those days, most children's bracelets and other children's jewelry, was made of gold and was very expensive.  Today, we rejoice in a huge choice of sterling silver baby and children's jewelry which is not only affordable, but has reached a very high level in design.  No longer are they small replicas of adult jewelry, they have a charm that suits babies and children and appeals to our children on their level.  

That's not to say gold baby bracelets are no longer available or popular.  They are, but these days with the masses of choice in sterling silver, baby jewelry is now affordable on all budgets.

At Baby Jewels, we find grandmothers are great buyers of baby and children's jewelry.  We love to indulge our children and grandchildren, even if it's only very occasionally and what better gift than an item that won't go out of fashion, can be worn for years, make our children feel special and can be kept safely for the next round of babies in the family?  And we know the kids will treasure it.

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

New idea for Kids' birthday parties

Feb 21, 2012 6:21:17 PM

And it's taking off in popularity!  Jewelry-making parties.  My daughter's children have been to one recently and she told me they had a ball making little kids-sized bracelets and necklaces.  Children's jewelry is extremely popular with little girls but, wait for it, also with little boys!  The boys had just as much fun and enjoyed wearing their boys' bracelets and necklaces as the girls.  

There are a few small businesses locally who run these kids' jewelry making parties and they are doing very well.  Minimal supervision is requried, just a little simple guidance.  The parents are often asked to contribute to the small cost of beads, cord, leather thongs etc. but sometimes the mother of the birthday girl (or boy) covers the cost.  Each child makes his or her own special piece of jewelry and takes it home.  

It keeps the kids entertained for hours and gives them a sense of pride wearing their new piece of jewelry home that they made themselves.  

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Children's Bracelets

Feb 18, 2012 2:56:51 PM

I can remember as a child, longing for a nice bracelet, and in the absence of one, wearing lace, cord, ribbon or even string wrapped several times around my wrist and tied in a knot or bow - and believing it was a bracelet.  In those days, children's bracelets consisted mainly of gold or silver, so it was a stretch of the imagination.  Now though, kids' bracelets are made out of all sorts of things, as are children's necklaces.  Some of my suppliers are placing charms on waxed ribbon and I have to say, they do look gorgeous.  We're opening our minds when it comes to children's jewelry!  

Currently we have gold, silver, pearls, cord and woven leather bracelets for children.  They all sell well and are perfect for differing occasions, casual or formal.

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

We've recently introduced a new category on our baby and children's jewelry website:  leather.

Only bracelets at this stage, this category features woven leather bracelets in black, white, khaki, yellow and pink.  Some of these baby bracelets and children's bracelets have charms, or a single pearl attached, some don't.  But all have a generous extension for growth, making them not only affordable, but great value for long term wear. 

Check out also, our new black velvet girls' bracelets with pearls.  These are in larger sizes, for older girls and teens for special events.  Also very affordable, for a beautiful bracelet.

Boys' leather bracelets?  Yes, definitely, we have them in all three sizes (babies, small children and older children) with and without charms.  So far we've had good feedback about these boys bracelets.

Depending on how well these leather items sell, we may introduce thong-style children's necklaces, which we think might be popular especially with teens.  Let us know what you think!

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

I've found it a good idea to check out the websites of our baby and children's jewelry opposition, to ensure we have a better range, competitive pricing and a great range to choose from.  

Whilst on these sites, I often notice that baby bracelets are often described as 6 inches long.  Six inches is too big for a baby bracelet, and could fit a child over 5 up to the teenage years.  When you buy a baby bracelet, you don't want her mother putting it in a cupboard for many years.  An older child may also find a baby bracelet is too "babyish" by the time it actually fits.  Best to measure her wrist if you can, or buy only 5 inch expanding baby bangles and bracelets.

Baby and children's necklaces too are readily advertised as 16 or 18 inches.  This size would reach a baby or small child's navel!  We sell baby necklaces at 12 inches, 13 inches and 14 inches, depending on the child's age and size.  We have 16 inch necklaces for older girls and 18" is for adults.  

For best value, buy jewelry that is expandable or adjustable in size.  This ensures the gift will be worn for many years.  Bracelets can have 2 or more clasping points along the length, and bangles are often expandable.  Therefore the baby christening bangle you bought for a 3 month old, will expand to fit her just as neatly at age 3 or 4.  

Baby earrings or children's earrings are a safe bet when you are unable to measure her wrist.  If she has pierced ears, you can buy earrings that will fit petitely on her baby earlobes that will fit her the rest of her life.  Conversely, adult earrings will have rods too long for a baby.  But buying her earrings when she's a baby is great value because ear lobes don't grow much at all, and her baby earrings will fit her all through her childhood.

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Who buys childrens jewelry?

Jan 18, 2012 12:49:25 PM

At Baby Jewels, we tend to find the largest group who purchase baby and children's jewelry are grandparents, grandmothers, specifically. Grandmothers purchase baby bracelets and baby brooches for their grandchildren usually when they are newborns.  But it's also grandmothers who continue to purchase other baby jewelry and later, children's jewelry as their grandchildren grow.  Many of the 2011 Christmas season purchases from our website were by grandmothers for their grandchildren.  

Aunties, friends of the family and Godparents are the next biggest group.  They also purchase bracelets when the baby is born, but also the engraved baby bangles are popular as Christening gifts.  First birthday and Christmas gifts.  

We've found the traditional styled jewelry is popular for newborns and Christenings but the more modern styles, those with enamelled animals and insects, sparkling crystals, the charm bracelets or the children's necklaces are great choices for children's birthday gifts.  

Who buys boys jewelry?  Moms mainly!  We love to purchase jewelry for our kids and these days, boys are no exception!  The leather bracelets, or the gemstone jewelry are the main choices for gifts for boys.  

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

New Year and new stock

Jan 7, 2012 2:48:51 PM

We had a run on stock leading up to Christmas and we spent a lot of time scouring the world wide web for new suppliers and new products.  This week we've had new stock arriving daily and it's been incredibly exciting for us, because everything ordered has been just beautiful.  We are thrilled to have some new lines and can't wait to show our customers. 

Unfortunately we've had a glitch in the Admin side of the site so to date have only been able to load a few of our new items onto the site:  some gorgeous children's necklaces.  But hopefully this will be fixed shortly and we can show you our new baby bracelets, baby bangles, children's bracelets, children's earrings.  Visit us again next week and while you're here, check out the new gold ID bracelet for newborns - beautiful.  In a month or so, we hope to have a whole new range of solid gold baby and children's jewellery.  We're also very excited about that.

Where is our new jewelry coming from?  Italy, Spain, the US and Thailand.  Thailand remains the source of some of our nicest quality and cutest baby jewelry. 

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Storing Baby and Childrens Jewelry

Nov 26, 2011 1:37:20 PM

What's the best means of storage of baby and children's jewelry?  I am often asked this question and from my reading, jewellery stays shiny and new longest when worn, as opposed to storing.  But when the time comes to store it, place the item in a tiny plastic snap-lock bag, squeeze the air out of it, and snap shut.

A quick rub using a proper jewelry cloth will quick bring up a baby bangle or children's bracelet just like new.  You'll be amazed at how easy it is to remove the tarnish and restore lustre.  For this reason baby and children's jewelry is more likely to be kept as a family keepsake than any other gift.    

Because your children's jewelry has been given from the heart, it's a lovely idea to keep it for the next generation.  It takes up little room in a cupboard storage box or, if your child has her own jewelry box, it too, can be given to the next generation, making it and the jewelry contained within, even more precious.  If you decide to buy a jewelry box, choose one with little hanging hooks for children's necklaces.  The fineness of children's chains can create a tangle but hanging them on separate hooks avoids this drama!  

Separate slots for her children's earrings is another sensible idea, so that they do not become lost.  Put the backs onto the rods before putting away, so they are all there when you next want them and they're ready to put on.  

As far as baby jewelry being dulled by soap suds when worn at bathtime, I have never read anything that points to baby soap causing any dullness, tarnish or discolouration.  But in the interests of ease of bathing, it may be a good idea to remove it before bathtime.

And always, remove her necklaces, bracelets and anklets before putting her down to sleep.  Earrings that she's used to wearing are very safe because they won't bother her and she won't pluck at them if she wakes up.  Bangles also, particularly if they have no charms attached, are very safe.  All other baby jewelry should be removed.

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Fraudulent use of credit cards online

Aug 18, 2011 12:17:52 PM

It's been on a very steep learning curve in more ways than one, since opening Baby Jewels over a year ago.  Regarding fraudulent use of credit cards online, I have learned that when someone mis-uses (fraudulently uses) a credit card to purchase items online, the seller is the loser.  When someone orders an item on Baby Jewels, I receive an email from both the site and through my payment gateway.  My payment gateway does certain checks to determine the likelihood of fraudulent use of the credit card used in the purchase and blocks the transaction if they don't pass the tests.  Sometimes these fraudulent transactions manage to get through. But I'm getting wiser.

In March I received a purchase order for a large number of baby and children's jewelry from a man in Venezuela.  The transaction came through my "secure" payment gateway and I duly posted off the items.  He purchased some of our most precious baby bracelets, children's bracelets, children's necklaces and a baby brooch.  Two months later my bank contacted me advising that it had been charged back, in other words, the owner of the card had denied purchasing the items.  In the case where a card is not visible, the signature not witnessed, as is the case with all online business, the seller is the loser.

But I have learned a thing or two since then.  There are actions that I can take to cut out the likelihood of fraud, as I found out today.  My bank phoned me to say that a likely fraudulent transaction has come through my payment gateway.  Again, for baby and children's earrings, baby bangles and bracelets, children's charms etc.  (Even crims love their children, obviously!)

I had seen a couple of transactions from Ghana blocked a couple of days ago, but this one, from the same buyer, had somehow come through.  I did an immediate refund so that no chargeback can be made, and obviously have not sent the goods.  

Investigations have unearthed some rather amazing methods to have these fraudulent transactions blocked and I'm going for them all!  Hopefully these crooks, who love their baby jewelry, will disappear from my site from now on!

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

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