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Let Her Choose Her Own!

Mar 11, 2015 2:48:49 PM

Sterling silver, pearl and crystal Princess bracelet


Children have their own ideas about what they like, so when it comes to her birthday gift of a piece of children's jewelery, ask her what she would like.  It's likely she will ask for a bracelet or some children's earrings.  Children's bracelets come in many and varied forms, so ask her whether she prefers gold or silver.  If she likes sterling silver, ask her if she likes children's charm bracelets, the type with clip on charms, or a European style charm bracelet.  Perhaps a sparkly bracelet with cz appeals to her.  Perhaps a pearl bracelet?  Or whether she likes children's ID bracelets.  If she wants an ID bracelet, you can have the nameplate engraved with her name or some loving words.  She will be so thrilled with this personalised type of gift and she will love that you asked her opinion and allowed her to choose.  

The same goes for earrings.  There are so many styles of children's earrings.  Mostly stud style, some have push on backs and some have safety screw backs, which are very useful for first time earrings wearers.  Hook style is probably more suitable for older girls and teens, at which time, they may prefer a dangly style.  She will be thrilled to pick out a style from the hundreds available online.  

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Some people find the acids in their skin tarnish their jewelry, other people don't.  But all sterling silver jewelry will tarnish with time and exposure to air.  When she's not wearing her sterling silver children's jewelry, put it into a plastic zip-lock bag (you can purchase very tiny ones to hold one or two items of kids' jewelry, at "dollar stores."  Squeeze the air out before you zip it closed.

This will help prevent tarnishing.  But when her little silver children's earrings, bracelet or chain becomes tarnished, don't rush out and purchase expensive and toxic silver cleaners.  Try this "green" method for cleaning her silver items.

Most people have baking soda in their cupboard.  Line a small bowl with aluminium foil, shiny side up.  Lay her chains, bracelets etc. on the aluminium foil (items must actually be touching the foil.)  Sprinkle approximately one tablespoon of baking soda over the jewelry and pour boiling water over them.  

At first it will bubble  up.  This is harmless and will stop within seconds.  Leave to cool.  

I have read that this method works in one and a half minutes but I tried this on some children's chains and it didn't make much difference.  But I've since tried leaving it overnight and it did make the chains come up nice and shiny.  

I've also read that you shouldn't use this method on marquesite jewelry or some gemstones, or pearls.  so bear this in mind.  

Many people store their baby bracelets once they're outgrown, as keepsakes, in tissue paper in a cardboard box but if they are first put into an airless plastic ziplock bag, they will tarnish much less over the years.  When the time comes to give her, her baby jewelry back when she, in turn, has her first baby, you will be able to make them look brand new again, and she will be thrilled!

Posted in About Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

We are thrilled to announce our first shipment of Italian made Piccolo designer children's jewelry.  The shipment consists of just two baby and children's bracelets, both the latest released designs.  Both are classics destined to become family keepsakes. More bracelets and possibly earrings, will be added before Christmas.

The first is a traditional 9K children's ID bracelet, the second a 9K children's charm bracelet, featuring pink and white enamel hearts.

If the baby in your life is about to have her baby portraits, or her first or second birthday, and you're looking for a piece of designer baby jewelry that's high quality and the latest style, visit our Bracelets Category today.

For a limited time only, our Piccolo children's bracelets are priced well below the recommended retail price, so be quick!

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Safe Children's Earrings

Jul 24, 2012 3:30:26 PM

Once the piercing has healed, it's time for your little girl to choose some earrings.  For most little girls, this is an exciting time that they've looked forward to for some time.  

You could take her to the jewelry store or look online for her first pair of children's earrings.  There will be much more for her to choose from online but ensure the photos are clear and the description includes measurements.  The earrings need to be small and light and the rod not too long.  There is a range of "backs" which are suitable.  First, the butterfly backs which are made of the same material as the earrings, which may be gold, silver, surgical steel or titanium.  All of these metals are safe but mostly you will find children's earrings in gold and silver. 

Secondly, you might purchase a bunch of silicone backs.  These are very safe, very light and once on the rod, they tend to "grip" the rod, ensuring the earring doesn't come out and become lost.

Thirdly, you could try safety screw backs.  So named, because the rod is threaded as is the "back," ensuring the back can be screwed down tightly, to prevent it coming off and becoming lost.  Some screw backs are covered so that the rod is inside the back, but some are not.

Screw backs are generally a little more expensive but may be worthwhile if your daughter "plays" with her earrings.  This is generally how backs come off and the earring drops out and becomes lost.

Once your little girl gets used to her first pair of children's earrings, she will forget they are there except for when their friends notice them and compliment her.  Or she looks in the mirror to brush her hair or her teeth, and sees her earrings and notices how pretty they are.  This makes earrings one of the safest items of children's jewelry, because they are not getting played with when they are forgotten.  

If her ears are pierced early, they become "part of her" and she's less likely to "play" with them and lose them.

Some nationalities have their baby's ears pierced at around 3 months.  It is normal and expected and babies grow up not bothering with them.  Though all little girls like jewelry and like to choose their own, eventually.

Posted in Baby & Children's Earrings By Jennifer Gregory

Whenever you select a little baby bracelet or a pair of children's earrings etc. from Baby Jewels, you are making a donation to women and children in Afghanistan.  

A wonderful Australian/Afghani woman named Mahboba Rawi who was forced to flee her home when the Russians invaded Afghanistan in 1984, and who spent 2 years in a refugee camp before coming to Australia, is helping to improve the lives of those struggling to survive in Afghanistan.

Read about her registered charity, Mahboba's Promise, here:  http://www.mahbobaspromise.org/about_us/about_mahbobas_promise/

To the women and children in the circumstances of receiving help from Mahboba's Promise, an item of baby jewelry or children's jewelry may indeed, seem a frivilous item, however a little of each of these jewelry items purchased from Baby Jewels, goes towards the work of this wonderful charity.  

Know that when you purchase your little girl's jewelry gift, that you are doing more than just delighting a child, you are offering very practical help to fellow human beings, in extreme need.  

Thank you!

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

For a long time I've been checking suppliers the world over for the most exquisite range of baby bracelets ever.  I wanted them petite and beautiful, I wanted lots of tiny pearls, I wanted soft baby colours.  And I got what I found - in buckets.

Our new range is now uploaded.  I can say this, the photos are lovely, but the bracelets are so much nicer.  When I took them from the box, they almost took my breath away they are so ...well...beautiful (not wanting to overuse the word!)  But beautiful they most definitely are.

We have tiny newborn bracelets, bracelets for older babies and of course Christening bracelets.  They are mostly made of pearls, beautifully matched, very tiny so as not to overwhelm a tiny wrist and they have an extension for growth in order that they can be worn longer, given this is a rapid growth period.  Some have beautiful sterling silver charms.  

We also have some imperfect pearl bracelets which I love, with a simple silver or gold cross or silver heart.  These, in our Affordable range, are every bit as lovely.  Simple and natural.

These new items of baby jewelry bring our collection of baby and children's jewelry to almost 500.  We are becoming a super-store! (And loving it!)

Posted in Baby Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Pearls, pearls and more pearls!

Jun 18, 2012 7:44:25 PM

We all love the little pearl baby bracelets bought as Christening gifts, first birthday gifts and gifts for later birthdays and Christmases.  We see them all the time online when searching the web for baby jewelry, particularly baby bracelets.

We haven't had a lot of pearl jewelry until now.  One tiny baby pearl bracelet, pearl bracelets for older girls, pearl baby necklaces and children's pearl necklaces.  

Pearls in all of their naturally occurring colours look stunning on the perfect complexions of babies and children.  I've been looking for some new pearl children's bracelets, especially those which combine the gleam of pearls with the sparkle of Swarovski crystals and the shine of sterling silver.  A beautiful combination, I think, and hard to beat.  

Well, I have found what I'm looking for and a bunch of new baby jewelry and children's jewelry is on its way. 

I think it'll be approx 10 days before they arrive, and I'm so looking forward to loading their photos onto the site.  If you're looking for a baby Christening gift, Baptism gift, or baby or children's birthday gift, pop in soon and check out the pearl category.

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

I have enjoyed immensely, my role in running this baby and children's jewelry site.  It has been a sharp learning curve as far as running a webiste is concerned but when I think about this venture, it's the buying I love the most!

Searching continually, the world wide web for the newest styles of baby bracelets, children's earrings etc. is a real joy.  The new designs are always a thrill and I always want to purchase the items I like, for the site.  But the goal is not to double up with similar styles, but offer different choices for different tastes.

Currently, I am placing or have placed, orders for sterling silver baby anklets and anklets for little girls, baby bracelets in sterling silver and, today, new baby bangles.  Arriving hopefully next week, we should have a new range of European style (brand name not to be mentioned) children's starter bracelets in silver and leather.  And gorgeous children's beads (charms) to go with them.  

It's hard not to buy too much, because already I have the feeling there's actually too much choice, in that too much choice is confusing.  (If you find this to be the case, please make use of the comparison button on each page, so you can compare only those items you particularly like.  It will make your choice easier.)

And near the end of the year, I want to get in my long awaited 14K gold screwback children's earrings in time for Christmas.

As always, if there's something you particularly want but can't find on the site, please let me know via the contact box.  I'm happy to go on a world wide hunt to find it!

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Did you know that turquoise and turqoise coloured jewelry is the hottest trend this Summer in the Northern Hemisphere?  Doesn't matter if it's turquoise cz stones, turquoise coloured leather, turquoise coloured crystals or beads, turquoise is all the rage!

For your modern miss, we have turquoise children's jewelry!  Our most divine children's bracelets which have genuine turquoise set into the most feminine sterling silver bracelet ever.  And for the quirkier child, we have our double row Tibetan silver children's bangle bracelet with man-made jade and turquoise beads.  

In our mothers' jewelry category, we have a pewter and reconstructed Turquoise bracelets.  These mothers' bracelets would be perfect for both day and night wear, casual or more formal events.  Divine!

Posted in About Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Vintage Family Keepsakes

May 9, 2012 9:03:18 AM

My mother in law turns 90 in early June.  We are having a family get-together party and each of her children are bringing an item from their childhood, as is she.  

What items are being brought to the get-together remains secret, but, because I have a baby and children's jewelry website, my delightful mother in law has revealed to me that she's binging her own baby bracelet.  I suspect her daughter knows the existence of this but I have never heard of it being discussed at any family meet-ups in the past.  

With Victorian style baby jewelry especially, becoming extremely popular again, as well as other vintage and antique jewelry, I am dying to see it. She tells me that she also had a baby brooch, but sadly it hasn't been seen except in photographs, for years.  She is one of 8 sisters and she told me that they all had bracelets as babies but she can only remember the one brooch.  Perhaps it was passed down as each baby was born?  She is the eldest of her siblings and she intends speaking to the youngest at the party to see if she knows anything about the brooch.  It would be sad if it has been lost.

So often I preach "family keepsakes" in this blog and I thought this story backed up my love of such an idea, in a big way.

Posted in Baby Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

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