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Baby Necklaces

Jun 13, 2012 7:24:53 PM

I was recently asked the question as to whether baby necklaces are actually safe for babies.  As with most baby jewelry, my answer was "with supervision."

To clarify, if baby is going to be with adults the entire time she's wearing her baby necklace, there is no reason to be concerned.  It's when baby is sleeping, in a separate room to her mother or carer, that problems can happen.   Some babies are surprisingly strong.  If she gets her hand or arm caught in her necklace, she can break it.  Furthermore, if the necklace she breaks, is made up of beads or other items of swallow-able size, those beads can end up in her mouth and she can choke.

Baby necklaces are meant to be worn on special occasions where she has an adult with her at all times, when photographs are being taken and she's looking her best.  For extra safety, ensure the necklace is only 12" - this decreases the likelihood of her catching her arm in it and breaking it.  Her baby jewelry is most especially to be worn for her baby portraits, but when she's put down to sleep, please remove her little necklace and keep it in a safe place (preferably her own little children's jewelry box.)

Baby bracelets, and necklaces in particular are for showing her off at her best and recording her image on camera.  After she has grown out of her necklace, and this goes for all baby jewelry, keep it for her until she's grown up.  She will marvel at how tiny and beautiful the item is, that she wore as a small baby.  

Posted in Baby Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Tooth Fairy Gifts

Mar 28, 2012 3:37:27 PM

All little girls adore their sparkly children's jewelry and Moms, grandmothers and Aunties all love to buy it for their special children.  

Newborns receive baby bracelets, babies on their Christening Day receive gold or silver baby bracelets or a little baby necklace, often with a pearl to signify innocence, and little girls, over the years receive children's charm bracelets and adorable children's charms follow for each birthday and Christmas to come.

We hear from mothers, grandmothers and aunties all the time, asking for certain items for certain special occasions outside the normal birthday/Christmas realm.  They want something special when their little girl or boy starts school, they are looking for a reward for effort made at school, and lately, we have been receiving emails for ideas for gifts for their little ones who lose their first baby tooth.  So we are looking for tooth fairy gifts.  

One we have already found is a sterling silver tooth fairy charm.  If your little one is about to lose her first baby tooth, and already owns a children's charm bracelet, you couldn't find a better idea than a tooth fairy charm.  

Losing one's teeth at around age 5, is a momentous occasion, as any Mom or Dad can tell you.  It's a step towards growing up, an occasion of much excitement because now, the Tooth Fairy is going to take notice, visit and take the discarded tooth, leaving a gift behind.  Once upon a time that gift might have been a silver coin. later a gold coin.  These days, it could very well be a silver children's bracelet, a little girl's necklace, or a children's charm especially made for the occasion:  a tooth fairy charm - to match her excitement!

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Baby and children's jewelry is the perfect gift for a great many occasions in a child's life, from the Baby Shower through to their 16th birthdays.  For example:

Baby Shower - baby brooch, or if gender is known, baby bracelet or bangle.

Newborn Gift - Baby Bangle, baby earrings, baby necklace, especially to be worn in family photos and baby portraits.

First Christmas Gift - Any of the above, plus a baby charm bracelet with extension for growth and, perhaps, her first baby charm.  Charms are a great birthday gift or Christmas gift every year, to complete her charm bracelet.

Christening or Baptism Gift - pearl baby bracelet, pearl baby earrings, pearl necklace.  Pearls denote innocence.  Any sterling silver or gold baby bracelet, or baby necklace with a cross.  Any cross charm.  

First Birthday - This first birthday is special, ears may be pierced and they are putting things in their mouths less and less by this stage, so any of the above, plus her first baby ID bracelet, suitably engraved for the occasion.

Any birthday to come - As above plus children's earrings.

Any Christmas to come - As above.

Starting School - As above.

Rewards for doing especially well at School - charms for her children's charm bracelet and as above.  Or, a children's watch.

Confirmation - Any Cross, as a charm on her charm bracelet, or as a pendant on a sterling silver or gold chain necklace.

First school dance - A children's necklace or children's earrings or bracelet or bangle.

Buy quality and these baby jewelry items become family keepsakes and can be given to younger siblings when they are outgrown or even the next generation of babies!

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Dangerous metals in baby jewelry

Mar 7, 2012 9:12:47 AM

Thankfully, we need not concern ourselves with baby jewelry that's made of gold or sterling silver.  There has been enormous publicity surrounding dangerous metals in baby jewellery, especially nickel and lead and, more recently, cadmium, for good reason.  

These metals are found in cheap children's jewelry bought at chain stores which are alloys (or a mix of metals) or paints. The danger is very real that these metals can be absorbed if baby sucks on her jewelry.  

If buying your loved new addition to the family a baby bracelet or a little baby necklace, you can't go wrong with buying precious metals.  Try to avoid the tempting prices and very pretty colours of the cheap varieties because babies can be very quick (and silent!) when popping pretty baubles in their mouths.

There are no dangerous metals in silver or gold baby jewelry.

Posted in Baby Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

I can't think of a single event more exciting and more welcomed, than the birth of a new baby into the family.  

We all look in anticipation to the arrival for many months, devouring the latest news of baby's growth and her mother's health.  

A pregnancy can be a nerve-wracking time for those close to the Mum-to-be, hoping for a healthy baby who gets the best start in life.

When baby arrives, in our excitement, we all want to show the new mother our love and how thrilled we are at the arrival of her new baby.  So what do we do?  We buy gifts!  Gifts to help the family cope with the new baby's needs, like clothing, baby equipment and toys.

Unfortunately, all these things wear out, are grown out of, date, or become faulty in time.  Which makes the gift of baby jewellery such an excellent idea.  Not only will Baby look divine wearing her little baby bracelet, or her little baby necklace, anklet or brooch, but it will be preserved in her family photos, baby portraits, etc.

Then, when the item has been grown out of, it can be placed into storage, taking up very little space, until the next baby arrives, or even for the next generation!

Some parents frame their baby bracelets, putting them on display, along with her hand/foot prints, and other memorabilia.  This way your gift is never forgotten.  

Posted in Baby Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

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