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Whenever you select a little baby bracelet or a pair of children's earrings etc. from Baby Jewels, you are making a donation to women and children in Afghanistan.  

A wonderful Australian/Afghani woman named Mahboba Rawi who was forced to flee her home when the Russians invaded Afghanistan in 1984, and who spent 2 years in a refugee camp before coming to Australia, is helping to improve the lives of those struggling to survive in Afghanistan.

Read about her registered charity, Mahboba's Promise, here:  http://www.mahbobaspromise.org/about_us/about_mahbobas_promise/

To the women and children in the circumstances of receiving help from Mahboba's Promise, an item of baby jewelry or children's jewelry may indeed, seem a frivilous item, however a little of each of these jewelry items purchased from Baby Jewels, goes towards the work of this wonderful charity.  

Know that when you purchase your little girl's jewelry gift, that you are doing more than just delighting a child, you are offering very practical help to fellow human beings, in extreme need.  

Thank you!

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Best Christening Jewelry Gifts

Jun 7, 2012 12:06:33 PM

Baby bracelets have long been a favourite Christening gift and these days, we are not restricted to an item with religious significance.  Crosses are still very popular of course, and these can be purchased on a fine sterling silver or gold chain and are beautiful, or attached as a charm to a baby bracelet.  Crosses can be made of sterling silver, gold or even pearl.  But a cross is no longer a necessary part of a baby Christening gift.  Pearls are probably the most popular style of baby jewelry as a Christening gift, because pearls signify innocence and purity.  Pearl baby bracelets being the most popular, but also tiny pearl baby necklaces, with or without a cross are very special.  

Sterling silver or gold baby jewelry are appropriate and these can be personalised with engraving or the addition of a charm.  Baby bangles are becoming more popular and some of these too, can be engraved or a charm added.

The baby Christening gift can be the start of her early jewelry collection so think about a pretty jewelry box also, as a Christening gift.  Her Mom will thank you for it because her jewelry gifts are far more likely to be kept until adulthood if kept in a jewelry box.  She will treasure it too, as she grows.

Posted in Baby Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Vintage Family Keepsakes

May 9, 2012 9:03:18 AM

My mother in law turns 90 in early June.  We are having a family get-together party and each of her children are bringing an item from their childhood, as is she.  

What items are being brought to the get-together remains secret, but, because I have a baby and children's jewelry website, my delightful mother in law has revealed to me that she's binging her own baby bracelet.  I suspect her daughter knows the existence of this but I have never heard of it being discussed at any family meet-ups in the past.  

With Victorian style baby jewelry especially, becoming extremely popular again, as well as other vintage and antique jewelry, I am dying to see it. She tells me that she also had a baby brooch, but sadly it hasn't been seen except in photographs, for years.  She is one of 8 sisters and she told me that they all had bracelets as babies but she can only remember the one brooch.  Perhaps it was passed down as each baby was born?  She is the eldest of her siblings and she intends speaking to the youngest at the party to see if she knows anything about the brooch.  It would be sad if it has been lost.

So often I preach "family keepsakes" in this blog and I thought this story backed up my love of such an idea, in a big way.

Posted in Baby Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Think of all the special occasions for which you could give a baby or children's jewelry gift:

Baby Shower

Newborn baby gift

Christening gift

Baptism gift

First birthday gift

Any birthday gift

Starting school gift

Flower girl gift

Christmas gift

and many more.

At these times, parents, grandparents, Aunties and Uncles, Godparents, older siblings and friends dig a little deeper.  Not just in their pockets, but also in their decision as to what type of item, whether it be a baby bracelet, children's earrings, etc. and what type.  The range is almost endless, starting with the decsion of whether the jewelry piece should be gold or silver or perhaps even pearls.  

These decisions ensure the gifts become cherished, lasting momentos.

To the parents of these babies and children, such a gift is a real thrill.  A piece of baby jewelry or jewelry for an older child, is a special gift, and means a lot to the parents, not just the little recipient.   

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

As a grandmother, I know why I chose baby jewelry when each of my granddaughters were born but I have carried out a little survey, asking buyers what their motivation was, when they bought that little baby bracelet, baby charm or little girl's necklace etc.

I found that, besides having a love of purchasing nice things for their grandchildren, they chose baby jewelry or children's jewelry because they couldn't afford it for their own children.

Which is the exact same reason as mine!   I have always admired a delicate little bracelet on a chubby wrist and the lucky little girls who wear children's earrings, children's necklaces, little silver charm bracelets etc.  Babies and little girls look divine in a simple piece of jewelry.  Boys too, are now wearing boys' bracelets and they look great too!  But when I was a young mother, children's jewelry was an expense that wasn't affordable.  In those days, most children's bracelets and other children's jewelry, was made of gold and was very expensive.  Today, we rejoice in a huge choice of sterling silver baby and children's jewelry which is not only affordable, but has reached a very high level in design.  No longer are they small replicas of adult jewelry, they have a charm that suits babies and children and appeals to our children on their level.  

That's not to say gold baby bracelets are no longer available or popular.  They are, but these days with the masses of choice in sterling silver, baby jewelry is now affordable on all budgets.

At Baby Jewels, we find grandmothers are great buyers of baby and children's jewelry.  We love to indulge our children and grandchildren, even if it's only very occasionally and what better gift than an item that won't go out of fashion, can be worn for years, make our children feel special and can be kept safely for the next round of babies in the family?  And we know the kids will treasure it.

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Timeless Baby Jewelry

Mar 20, 2012 3:44:37 PM

There is such a huge array of baby and children's jewelry on the market, particularly online that almost anybody would be able to easily find a baby bracelet, or a pair of children's earrings, for example, that's just what they're looking for.

Often, the baby Christening gift or first birthday gift that you're looking for is one intended to become a family keepsake, to be worn and photographed and admired for the duration that the item fits the baby or small child until it's outgrown, the desire being that the gift will be so special that one day, a baby born in the future, will also wear the little baby bracelet, baby bangle, etc.  This is when traditional, or classic baby jewelry is what's called for.  A family keepsake.  

Jewelry stores tend to stock traditional baby jewelry but have very little to choose from.  Often this includes baby brooches which are made to be worn on baby's little matinee jackets, which is an item of baby apparel that's rarely worn these days.  

Online, there is a much greater range.  Tiny gold baby bracelets, often featuring a Filigree chain and a locket or heart charm, little sterling silver baby ID bracelets, sometimes with a bluebird set on the ID plate, or with a bare ID plate for inscribing a personal message.  Gold or sterling silver baby bangles, hinged and with a fine safety chain, or engraved and expanding in size to accommodate the rapid growth years.

A tiny, fine gold or silver chain with a heart pendant or a cross, simple or engraved, sometimes with a cz stone or a tiny gem, to be worn on her Christening day but kept for special occasions thereafter.  These are the timeless baby jewelry items that are normally kept for future babies in the family, or for the current baby's own children in the future.  

Posted in Baby Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Baby and children's jewelry is the perfect gift for a great many occasions in a child's life, from the Baby Shower through to their 16th birthdays.  For example:

Baby Shower - baby brooch, or if gender is known, baby bracelet or bangle.

Newborn Gift - Baby Bangle, baby earrings, baby necklace, especially to be worn in family photos and baby portraits.

First Christmas Gift - Any of the above, plus a baby charm bracelet with extension for growth and, perhaps, her first baby charm.  Charms are a great birthday gift or Christmas gift every year, to complete her charm bracelet.

Christening or Baptism Gift - pearl baby bracelet, pearl baby earrings, pearl necklace.  Pearls denote innocence.  Any sterling silver or gold baby bracelet, or baby necklace with a cross.  Any cross charm.  

First Birthday - This first birthday is special, ears may be pierced and they are putting things in their mouths less and less by this stage, so any of the above, plus her first baby ID bracelet, suitably engraved for the occasion.

Any birthday to come - As above plus children's earrings.

Any Christmas to come - As above.

Starting School - As above.

Rewards for doing especially well at School - charms for her children's charm bracelet and as above.  Or, a children's watch.

Confirmation - Any Cross, as a charm on her charm bracelet, or as a pendant on a sterling silver or gold chain necklace.

First school dance - A children's necklace or children's earrings or bracelet or bangle.

Buy quality and these baby jewelry items become family keepsakes and can be given to younger siblings when they are outgrown or even the next generation of babies!

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Dangerous metals in baby jewelry

Mar 7, 2012 9:12:47 AM

Thankfully, we need not concern ourselves with baby jewelry that's made of gold or sterling silver.  There has been enormous publicity surrounding dangerous metals in baby jewellery, especially nickel and lead and, more recently, cadmium, for good reason.  

These metals are found in cheap children's jewelry bought at chain stores which are alloys (or a mix of metals) or paints. The danger is very real that these metals can be absorbed if baby sucks on her jewelry.  

If buying your loved new addition to the family a baby bracelet or a little baby necklace, you can't go wrong with buying precious metals.  Try to avoid the tempting prices and very pretty colours of the cheap varieties because babies can be very quick (and silent!) when popping pretty baubles in their mouths.

There are no dangerous metals in silver or gold baby jewelry.

Posted in Baby Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Gold Jewelry for Babies and Children

Feb 29, 2012 4:11:47 PM

When my granddaughters were born, I set out to find them a special piece of gold baby jewelry.  I had in mind a baby bracelet each, and because I wasn't online much in those days, I headed straight for the local jewelry shop.  

I was dismayed to find a very small selection of gold jewelry, a couple of styles of bracelets and some baby brooches.  Since matinee jackets had already gone out of fashion (more likely to see a newborn in a denim jacket!) I didn't want a brooch (though there does seem to be a revival in the popularity of baby brooches.)  So I was left with some rather expensive gold baby bracelets with lockets.  I bought them, and was happy with them, however, I had no idea what was available online:  a vast array of choice in both gold and silver baby jewelry.

These days, more often than not, a baby will be seen wearing silver, usually sterling silver.  This is because a)  price and b) there is a larger range if baby and children's jewelry to choose from than in gold.  9ct gold remains affordable and the selection of styles is improving.  Today we can buy 9ct or 14ct gold baby bracelets, baby necklaces and children's rings which are matched with enamelling, crystals, cz stones and even gemstones for babies.  

My intention was always to add gold jewelry to Baby Jewels.  However, there remained the problem of cost.  Would people buy gold, when silver is so affordable?  Well, at last I have a handful of gold items at Baby Jewels, mainly baby bracelets, but also children's bracelets and baby and children's earrings.  All divine and because they are 9ct, quite affordable.  

My first baby bracelet order arrived and all bar one has sold, more are on their way.  I am happy to discover that gold is still very popular despite a strong fashion trend towards sterling silver.  Since then, I have had another order of bracelets and earrings have arrived and more are coming in the near future.  

Posted in Baby and Children's Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

Baby Jewelry Gifts

Jan 13, 2012 6:42:59 PM

Have you noticed that most babies these days own some pieces of baby jewelry?  Almost all babies these days, seem to have at least one baby bracelet or bangle, perhaps a charm bracelet strung with baby charms, or, if they have their ears pierced, as is increasingly the case, starting their own collection of baby earrings!

Not too long ago, perhaps a generation ago, we rarely saw babies wearing jewellery.  The very fortunate babies might have been given some special item such as an exquisitely engraved baby bangle or ID bracelet as a Christening gift, but most babies did not own a piece of jewelry.

We all want our gifts to the newborn to be something special.  We want to show how welcome the new baby is, how thrilled we are about her arrival and we want to give something that will receive a lot of use, and not just worn for a few weeks until outgrown, or worn out, or stained, or scuffed, and then thrown out.  Yes, we are a throw-away society - especially when it comes to babies.  These days, babies seem to come into this world with new cot, new bedding, new clothing, new toys, whereas not so long ago, things were kept and passed on, either within the family or to neighbours, friends or friends of friends.

The great thing about a piece of baby jewellery is, we can be pretty sure that, even when it's outgrown, it will not be thrown out.  It will be kept for the baby for when she's grown up, perhaps for her own children, or passed down to her siblings as they arrive.  

The family portraits will record your gift so it will never be forgotten.  

Your little jewelry gift will be worn for longer than a jumpsuit, last longer than a little toy, won't become so unwashable that it is put in the rubbish, and won't date like her first dress or pair of shoes.  

And when it is outgrown, it's likely to be placed in safe storage, in wait for when the baby has grown up and given back in time to celebrate the arrival of her own baby.  

Which makes the purchase of that little baby jewelry gift, an excellent value gift!

Posted in Baby Jewelry By Jennifer Gregory

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