Baby's Christening Day


A popular Australian baby blog has named baby Christening jewelry, namely, baby bracelets, baby bangles, baby necklaces, primarily, as being the Number One baby Christening gift.  

This is not surprising.  Baby jewelry is permanent.  Once outgrown, it can easily be kept for the next generation.  Most baby jewelry is designed to be keepsake, though not all.  A Christening bracelet for example is easily stored and takes up little room and a generation later, needs only a buff up with a jewellery polishing cloth.

Baby jewelry also doesn't go out of style.  Even vintage pieces are as popular today.  So much so that re-runs of vintage styles are available now.

Christening bracelets, necklaces etc. often have a cross as a charm or pendant but these days, a teddy bear, a flower, an angel, or a heart can feature on Christening jewelry gifts.