9k gold adjustable, embossed baby bangle


Babies usually have everything they need for their first 2 years from the day they are born, so it is difficult to buy something she hasn't already received.  That's where baby jewelry comes in!  A pretty pair of baby earrings, if she has her ears pierced, or a tiny silver baby bracelet or shiny gold baby bangle, or perhaps a very cute anklet, is something her mother will enjoy just as much as baby, especially as she's growing up.  The little girl will enjoy the attention she gets wearing her jewellery, as will her mother.  The baby jewelry, when it's outgrown, can be put away in a safe place to be returned to her a generation later when she has her own baby.  A great deal of sentimental value is placed on baby's first jewellery, making it an excellent idea for a first birthday gift.