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Tree of Life Jewelry

May 26, 2018 1:39:29 PM

Tree of Life Children's Earrings


Tree of Life Children's Bracelets


In this digital age, our family history has become increasingly important.  Never before has it been as easy to discover the details of our ancestry than today, thanks to the internet.  At the same time, our current family and its various branches has taken on a new importance, with a well-known symbol:  the Tree of Life.  Today, we can purchase Tree of Life greetings cards, Tree of Life posters, Tree of Life t-shirts, and Tree of Life jewelry.  

Children understand the significance of the Tree of Life symbol, and today, they can enjoy wearing a piece of Tree of Life children's jewelry.  A beautiful, highly polished, sterling silver ball bracelet with Tree of Life charm or perhaps Tree of Life children's earrings?

For a more meaningful gift, consider Tree of Life jewelry for the thoughtful child.

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sterling silver highly polished ball bangleBaby and Children's HuggiesFlower on butterfly earrings

Children's earrings remain our biggest seller category. But this month, there must have been a run of babies being born because the newborn baby bangle category has also been popular.

Children's necklaces have been slow this quarter but with the arrival of some brand new styles, we hope this will change.

Biggest selling gold children's earrings has been the baby and children's 14k gold cz huggies! These are also a personal favourite.

Biggest selling sterling silver children's earrings has been our "flower on butterfly" earrings with push backs.

Second biggest seller this month has been a brand new ball bangle, new to Baby Jewels. This little ball bangle is a cuff style bangle and can be opened slightly to accommodate growth. Highly polished, it looks divine on a little wrist.

Loads of new stock just been uploaded. Baby and children's jewelry makes such a great gift, one that can be worn for a lengthy period and kept forever.

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Kids' Necklaces "Great Value Gifts"

Jan 15, 2015 1:57:57 PM



Sterling silver children's locket with cz

There are some kids' gifts that are treasured for years. Fortunately, some of them can be worn for years as well. These are the "great value gifts."

Children's necklaces fit that bill. In sterling silver, because it makes the gift more precious, a beautiful pendant floating on a chain in the correct length for her age, is something that will make her feel special, and we all like to feel special!

She will get that feeling every time she puts her necklace on. And if she grows out of it, a longer chain can be purchased.

Chain lengths available are: 12" for babies, 13" for toddlers, 14" for up to age 5, 15" for up to age 10, 16" for ages 10 - teens. Select the right length for that perfet look and fit.

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How to tell if silver is real

Apr 3, 2014 6:43:25 PM

There are a few very cheap baby and children's jewelry websites popping up with prices indicative of items being non-silver. There are metals that, when polished, look much like silver. Here are a couple of tips to look for if you buy an item of baby jewelry where it is claimed to be silver but it seems too cheap. If that pretty baby bracelet is so shiny it looks like chrome, it probably is. Sterling silver is slightly grayish, as is silver filled or silver plated. If it's more gray than you'd expect, it could be plated with rhodium, which is done to extend the scratch-free life of the item to ensure the shine remains. If those little children's earrings stick to a magnet, it is not silver. A hallmark is no guarantee it is silver. If you polish your silver jewellery and the more you polish, the darker it gets, it's likely not silver. Lastly if the price of your baby jewelry seems too good to be true, it probably is. Sterling silver is increasing in value, not decreasing.
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Miao Silver Kids' Bangles

Oct 19, 2012 7:28:03 AM

Not sure what Mio Silver is? Miao silver is a cultural handicraft of a provence in Northern China, Guizhou. The people are reknowned for their skilled artisans who create exquisite jewelry and artifacts in unique Miao designs. Miao silver is not sterling silver. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver whereas Miao silver can be 60% or as little as 30% pure silver, the remainder being white brass. Recently we've acquired a stunning range of children's bangles in the cuff style. They can be opened slightly for ease of putting off and removing. Adding a range of genuine ethnic kids' jewelry to our Children's Bracelets Category is a real thrill. Each design is named after an important aspect of life. If you love ethnic fashion, you will love these. If you are keen to foster a love of ethnic fashion in your daughter, these bangles, all under $20, are a great start.
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Neon Shamballa

Aug 23, 2012 12:25:10 PM

Neon Shamballa?

You must be asking yourself, what is Neon Shamballa?  Well trendies, only the latest in children's bracelet designs, suited for both babies, small girls and older girls.  You've no doubt come across Shamballa bracelets in recent times.  Traditional to some cultures, new to Western cultures, and very popular, these bracelets are now being made in baby and small children's sizes and on a tiny wrist, they look divine!

Just when we thought we were "on trend" at Baby Jewels, we now find that neon colours are back in a big way.  How did this happen - it seems only a short time (couple of decades!) that these colours went out of fashion.  Well, now they're back, in both clothing and children's jewellery. 

So, not to be left behind, we've ordered the latest thing:  neon Shamballa children's bracelets.  Bracelets that fall under the children's friendship bracelets umbrella.  Casual yet sparkly enough for the spiffiest of occasions, and over-the-top cuteness.

The first of the range are online now!

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Some people find the acids in their skin tarnish their jewelry, other people don't.  But all sterling silver jewelry will tarnish with time and exposure to air.  When she's not wearing her sterling silver children's jewelry, put it into a plastic zip-lock bag (you can purchase very tiny ones to hold one or two items of kids' jewelry, at "dollar stores."  Squeeze the air out before you zip it closed.

This will help prevent tarnishing.  But when her little silver children's earrings, bracelet or chain becomes tarnished, don't rush out and purchase expensive and toxic silver cleaners.  Try this "green" method for cleaning her silver items.

Most people have baking soda in their cupboard.  Line a small bowl with aluminium foil, shiny side up.  Lay her chains, bracelets etc. on the aluminium foil (items must actually be touching the foil.)  Sprinkle approximately one tablespoon of baking soda over the jewelry and pour boiling water over them.  

At first it will bubble  up.  This is harmless and will stop within seconds.  Leave to cool.  

I have read that this method works in one and a half minutes but I tried this on some children's chains and it didn't make much difference.  But I've since tried leaving it overnight and it did make the chains come up nice and shiny.  

I've also read that you shouldn't use this method on marquesite jewelry or some gemstones, or pearls.  so bear this in mind.  

Many people store their baby bracelets once they're outgrown, as keepsakes, in tissue paper in a cardboard box but if they are first put into an airless plastic ziplock bag, they will tarnish much less over the years.  When the time comes to give her, her baby jewelry back when she, in turn, has her first baby, you will be able to make them look brand new again, and she will be thrilled!

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Did you know that turquoise and turqoise coloured jewelry is the hottest trend this Summer in the Northern Hemisphere?  Doesn't matter if it's turquoise cz stones, turquoise coloured leather, turquoise coloured crystals or beads, turquoise is all the rage!

For your modern miss, we have turquoise children's jewelry!  Our most divine children's bracelets which have genuine turquoise set into the most feminine sterling silver bracelet ever.  And for the quirkier child, we have our double row Tibetan silver children's bangle bracelet with man-made jade and turquoise beads.  

In our mothers' jewelry category, we have a pewter and reconstructed Turquoise bracelets.  These mothers' bracelets would be perfect for both day and night wear, casual or more formal events.  Divine!

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Matching Mother Daughter Jewelry Gifts

Jan 29, 2012 10:11:28 AM

For some time now, we've had a range of jewelry in sizes to fit both mothers and their daughters, whether their daughters are babies, young girls or teenagers.  

More and more, we are seeing the purchase of two sizes in the same item, as in mother/daughter gifts.  Often at Christmas time but more often at the birth of a baby girl.

For example, our European style sterling silver/real lampwork bracelets come in baby sizes as well as mother sizes, in three different colour combinations.  

We also have children's bracelets in children's sizes, but also in adult sizes for mothers.  

We have lots of items suitable for both teens and mothers, in bracelets, necklaces and earrings.  Bought together for a mother and teenage daughter, the gift acknowledges or perhaps even reinforces the bond between a mother and her almost adult daughter.

As this trend is becoming more and more popular, we are on the lookout for matching jewelry items and hope to go into this Christmas with an even bigger range of mother/daughter jewelry.  

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Charm bracelets for babies and children

Jul 25, 2011 7:19:59 AM

Charm bracelets are currently the most popular style of baby and children's bracelets.  It seems that everyone loves a children's charm.  There are a huge variety available and a charm can be purchased to represent almost every aspect of a little person's life.  

Charm bracelets make an excellent little girl's birthday gift (or big girl's birthday gift!) because it can be followed up at Christmas and future birthdays with a charm to remember something special in her life during that year.  A mixture of gold and silver children's charms looks great, and some gemstones or enamelling for colour, will really set her bracelet off.

Over the years, the charm bracelet will tell the story of her life and become more treasured as time goes by.  Of all children's jewelry and baby jewelry, charm bracelets have the potential to be most loved and therefore kept for her until adulthood.

Children's charms can be added to a necklace as well with the same result.

It is just one more option for personalised jewelry which is becomes more popular by the year.

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