Baby Christening Bracelet9k gold baby bangle

When most people think of a Christening gift, they think of "keepsake" first. Failing that, they move on to a regular type of baby gift, one that she can use for now but rarely keep or pass down to her own children.

There has been a surge in baby jewelry purchased as Christening gifts. The reason is quite obvious. Baby Jewelry is seen as very special, and often personal. God mothers in particular like to present their godchildren with a gift of jewellery that they can keep.

Top of the list are baby bracelets and baby bangles. Perhaps a baby necklace but with the proviso that these should only be worn with supervision. All look divine on a baby, and beautiful in her Christening photos.  

We've just introduced a range of baby rings as well which might be a nice idea for a Christening.  Most of our rings are adjustable for growth.

Just as a suggestion, perhaps a children's jewelry box might be another nice idea, since children are given jewelry far more frequently these days and it's a great idea to have a safe place to store jewelry that isn't currently being worn.