Blue crystal duck earrings


Baby earrings and Children's earrings make up a feast of colour and sparkle at Baby Jewels.  The variety of designs continues to be amazing and, as more and more children have their ears pierced, the more popular kids' earrings are becoming.  We continue to provide what must surely be "the perfect earrings" for every taste, budget, age and quirkiness!  

Screw back earrings are awesome for babies, and can be worn for many years.  Ditto children's screw back earrings, as they defy the fiddly fingers of first time earrings wearers.  Once Mom puts them on, screws them on tightly, they are there until Mom decides to remove them!

"Push on back" kids' earrings remain popular.  They are low-cost and the variety is immense.  Added to our range in recent times are the surgical steel kids' earrings for those who are intolerant even to sterling silver and gold.  They are affordable and super-cute and can be worn comfortably by all skin types.

Kids love their earrings, especially as they get older which is why our range includes earrings for babies, children of all ages, and teenagers.  Even Moms!